Every Dollar Counts

Join our Village today!

It takes a village is a phrase that is often thrown around casually in our culture, but for those of us who support youth in the foster care system, we feel those words deeply. We know intuitively that we can’t do this alone. That we need the help and support of our families, friends, and neighbors to provide these youth with everything they need to lead thriving childhoods. That’s why this year, TFFC is asking that you become a part of the support system for these youth. Please join our village to help these children thrive.

Here’s what TFFC provides Foster Families

Tutoring – We provide free one-on-one, in-home academic tutoring and individualized educational advocacy to foster youth indefinitely who need extra support to be successful in school.

Extracurricular Activities & YMCA Memberships – We support participation in activities such as sports, fitness, and the arts, as well as provide YMCA membership, to provide stress relief and enhance youth’s participation in the community.

Birthday & Holiday Gifts – We engage community to provide birthday and holiday gifts for youth in foster care to help brighten these significant occasions while they are away from their families.

Camperships – We send foster children to enriching summer camps, with a focus on reuniting siblings who are placed in separate homes to maintain and strengthen family ties.

Help us support the foster families you know and love by contributing to these important services. See the impact your support has for the families we serve!

If you want more information about Tidewater Friends of Foster Care or financial involvement, we invite you to read our latest Annual Report.