Introducing: It Takes A Village

By March 14, 2019 Foster Care, News

At Tidewater Friends of Foster Care, one of our biggest goals is to help support new and existing families in foster care.

We know that raising children takes a community. Schools, teachers, neighbors, and local businesses all take part in forming a child’s thoughts about themselves and the world. And when children are in foster care, it takes an even bigger village.

Social workers, foster parents, and birth parents work together to support our community’s youth so that they’re well taken of.

But, while lots of people want to help kids in foster care, historically there haven’t been many options outside of becoming a foster parent. But that changes now with our It Takes a Village Campaign (ITAV).

It Takes A Village is a community initiative by Tidewater Friends of Foster Care to bring more people into the supportive bubble that takes care of Hampton Roads’ most vulnerable children. ITAV is here to connect, inspire, and educate people to become more involved, create opportunities to support foster parents, and do what we can as a community to pitch in and help out.

This group is intended to create a community of people who are interested in supporting the foster parents of kids in the foster care system.

To kick us off, we’ve created a Facebook Group where the members of ITAV can interact.
Click here to join us!


Our vision is to have a place where people can ask any questions about foster care, where foster parents can ask the village with support (last minute supply runs, meals when needed, etc), and where community members can find opportunities to help.

Join us, here, and please reach out to us by emailing info@ if you have any questions.

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