NAP Credits are Here!

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Dear TFFC Donors Interested in Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credits for Tax Year 2024,

We are excited to announce that we have NAP Tax Credits from the Virginia Department of Education available for qualifying donations to our tutoring program. Any donations to the TFFC’s tutoring programs that are $500.00 or greater ($600.00+ for businesses) will receive a 50% tax credit. NAP tax credits provide a significant tax benefit for those who pay taxes in the Commonwealth of Virginia, particularly for donations of appreciated stock!  We cannot provide tax advice for your specific situation (please consult your tax professional) but most people will find these tax credits very advantageous and are able to offset upto 70% of the donation cost.

TFFC is dedicated to making a difference by providing one-on-one, in-home academic support to help these students succeed. We hire the very best instructors, who curate individualized educational support plans and work with students in their homes, so they can establish strong studying skills independent of the classroom environment. Our tutors are highly-qualified, professional educators, contracted competitively to guarantee that our students are getting the best educational services with accountability—our goal is to ensure that our tutors lend not only to academic progress, but also the overall stability of the lives of the children we serve.

If you are interested in receiving NAP credits for your generous support of our tutoring program, email us ( with a statement of your interest and the amount of your intended donation, so we can reserve that amount for you. We will confirm your reserved amount of tax credits. Once we receive your donation, we will send you the appropriate paperwork as well as a written confirmation of your donation.

Thank you for your support.

If you have additional questions, please contact Audra Bullock directly at 757-227-4187 x1001 or by email at .


The TFFC Team

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