We have an exciting announcement!

By January 16, 2019 News

If you have been keeping up with Norfolk Friends of Foster Care news, you know that our organization has been expanding steadily over the past two years. NFFC was founded in June of 2016 through a partnership with the Norfolk Department of Human Services and Old Dominion University, to embark on a strategic foster parent recruiting initiative. From this initial recruiting effort we grew a group of targeted programs aimed at bridging gaps that exist for children in the foster care system, both locally and nationally. Those include education, normalcy and stable social support systems.

It was not long into our second year that the needs of our region, combined with the organization’s preparation and drive to affect positive change, led to the expansion of NFFC programs to include foster youth from neighboring cities. In the fall of 2018, Norfolk Friends of Foster Care forged official partnerships with Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach Social Service Agencies to bring our programing to foster youth in their care.  As Norfolk Friends of Foster Care expanded geographically, we knew our title needed to better reflect this change.

We are pleased to announce our new name: Tidewater Friends of Foster Care. We are so thankful for everyone who has helped us make a difference in the lives of foster youth in Hampton Roads, and know that this new name will help us connect with even more children and teens who need a strong support system.

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