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Our Programs:

Through community partnership, Tidewater Friends of Foster Care works to provide resources to ensure foster youth have the opportunity to grow and thrive.  Through our mission to assist children and families in foster care, we provide the following support:


We provide one-on-one, in-home academic tutoring to foster children AND at-risk youth who need extra support to be successful in school and this support continues after the children are reunited with their families.  PLEASE SELECT THE APPROPRIATE FORM BELOW – Foster Youth (left)  CPS At-risk Youth (right)

Extracurricular Activities
We support foster children’s participation in activities, including sports, fitness, the arts and other social activities that will enrich their childhoods, provide stress relief and enhance participation in the community.

YMCA Family Memberships
We partner with the YMCA to provide memberships to foster youth and their families.  Open Enrollment for new membership is held quarterly: March 1 -20, June 1-20, September 1-20 and December 1-20.

Driver Education
We provide funding to help foster youth obtain their driver’s license.  This includes in-class and behind the wheel training.

We send foster children to summer camps, with a particular focus on sending siblings who are placed in separate homes or are outside of foster care to camp together! 2024 Camps are now open!

Emergency Needs
We offer support to children in their time of need, by providing financial assistance for immediate and extraordinary needs that are not funded by IV-E, CSA or Medicaid.